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2018 Pleasant Valley

Long time employee Jose and his son Isaac getting in on the last pheasant hunt of the season.

2017 Pheasant Hunt with Chairbound Sportsman

This is one of the greatest privileges Bonneville Asphalt has been a part of.

Chairbound Sportsman is an organization that creates hunting, fishing, and outdoor opportunities for wheelchair bound individuals and Disabled Veterans. They give them the ability to go out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Being an avid sportsman I could not imagine not being able to go out to enjoy the outdoors. Since I’ve been working for Bonneville Asphalt I have had several opportunities to go guide on pheasant hunts for this organization. What a great privilege to see the passion and excitement in these gentlemen and it is such a blessing to be able to go do this.  Here is another fun and great pheasant hunt haul.

~Russell Johns - Assistant General Manager

We are also proud to see the folks from the Chairbound Sportsman Organization in the news. Check them out…


We again had the pleasure of taking family, friends, employees, customers, and vendors up to Alaska this year. Kodiak Island is known for its beauty and is called the Emerald Island. It’s also known for its big Silver Salmon. They are hard fighting sons of guns and just a hoot to bring them in. The town of Kodiak is a small town on the island. It has about 7,000 people and it reminds me of the 60’s or 70’s. We go for the genuine camaraderie, local cuisine, sightseeing (even bears), and just generally enjoy the fishing experience.  

“SALMON SURPRISE" - Pillar Creek, Kodiak Island.  Photograph by friend/fisherman, Mark Mason

“PEARL SUNRISE” - Trident Basin, Kodiak Island -  Photograph by friend/fisherman David Beck

This was my third time up to Alaska. Every time I think to myself this could not get any better. And I am proven wrong on this trip I had my father accompany me and what a blast. The fishing is incredible from fishing the rivers for silver salmon. To going out in the boat and catching halibut rock fish, King Salmon Gray Codling cod the list goes on. ~anonymous guest

These trips are such a first-class trip without the first class price from the moment I landed to the moment I left I had a great great time. ~Russell Johns

Even though I have guided many trips each year this trip we thoroughly enjoyed the company of approximately 45 folks coming with us to Alaska on our annual yearly trek. It was great getting to see them have a new experience and create fun new memories with family and new friends. Collectively they brought about 3500 lbs of halibut and salmon home. Kodiak Island is a very beautiful place with great people there. We are looking forward to our trip again next year. ~Shaun Heaton


hunting pictures. We love to get out in the great outdoors and enjoy time together. We had a great day with the Wounded Warriors and Chair Bound Sportsman 4 Pheasant. Such passion for hunting.


We have a fabulous time hunting at the Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve. It was a perfect day for hunting. The weather and conditions were perfect.

Snow Hunting - Asphalt in Provo and Orem, UT


Shaun Heaton, co-owner of Bonneville Asphalt, is a man with a big heart. He has teamed up with the division of Natural Resources to help young families enjoy their first pheasant hunt. The Fabert Family sent Shaun this note along with some awesome pics.

“First of all, thank you so much for the bird hunt with my Family. Braxton and Bailee both told me that was one of the best days of their lives later that night. Megan also had a great time even if she missed her shots. I appreciate your time and teaching to my family. Hunting is something that I am so excited to do with my kids and you and your dogs gave them a great experience.

We would love to do another hunt with you soon. My kids also cant stop talking about how smart and cool Walt and Daisy are. They want to get a bird dog just like them. Thanks again for everything.

Jason, Megan, Braxton and Bailee Fabert”